Monday, December 29, 2008

Etsy presents for Christmas

Since Christmas is over, I figure I can share some of my awesome etsy presents that I bought people for Chirstmas. I wanted to try to get atleast some of the things off of etsy to help support fellow artists.
First off is the tandem clock I got for my parents. They ride a tandem bicycle, and me and my sister used to also when we were younger. They're member of the C.O.W.S which is Couples on Wheels, the Wisconsin tandem group.
This was made by Artisan Woodcrafting

Then, for my sister I had this cute Japanese seal purse made. She used to volunteer at a seal rehabilitation center and used to live in Hawaii. We both love Japanese things, so I thought it was perfect. It was bought from Syl Syl

Then I bought a bunch of bath products from my favorite bath seller Anita who I talked about earlier. Here is one of the products I bought, a cherry lemonaide bubblebath bar. It smells delicious and is a great idea!

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