Thursday, December 11, 2008

My photo setup

Just thought I would post some pictures of my photo box to give others an idea of how some people do it.

It really is nothing too fancy, me and my boyfriend just screwed some pine boards together and then I put fabric on the sides. When I take pictures of my chinchillas I put white felt over it, but I like some color in my photos for my etsy store.

Then for lights I use compact fluorescent bulbs that are daylight specific. I only have 2, and could use a 3rd, but I use a photo editing program, so it's not too big of a deal. I only use either the Microsoft picture editor or PhotoPlus 6, so I didn't even pay for a photo editing program, I just didn't feel like spending that kind of money.

Here's the front of the box

A side shot to show how the wood is put together

The type of lights I use

A photo before editing

And the final photo after editing

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SEWphisticate said...

very cool! i use the same type of clamp on lamp and bulbs.