Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We Love Etsy Wednesday

So, I've been meaning to do a feature day and figured why not Wednesday? So each Wednesday I'm going to post about a shop I've found on Etsy whom I've fallen in love with their items or the person behind the shop. I'm a member of a couple groups so I will feature some of the members, but I will also feature just random shops that I've found!

So here's my first feature!

I fell in love with this shop when I happened to Pounce on it on Etsy. I was searching for a shop to do my first Sneak Attack on (vist Handmade Movement if you want to learn more about Sneak Attacks) and happened upon this shop. Since then she's added more new things. They're mostly hair clips and pony tail holders but I did ask her to make me some custom pug magnets which are lovely!

Her prices are great and I am very glad to have found her shop! The picture that I've shown is her Pale Pink Flower Hair Bow Clip and is only $3.50!

Her shop can be found at Diane W. Designs

Chinchilla Play time!

I love letting my chinchillas out to play. I take them into the bathroom because there isn't anything for them to get into in there and it's small enough that when I want to take them back to their cage, I can get to them easily. My only problem is that they like to try and chew on the woodwork and the walls, which I'm sure my parents don't really enjoy, but I try to stop them as soon as I hear them chewing!

Tonight's playtime was Chibi's time. Chibi is my standard grey chinchilla and was my first chinchilla. She started the addiction I suppose. But she has the friendliest personality of any chinchilla I've ever met or owned. Many chins don't really like to be held or care about much human attention, but I swear she thinks she's human. She doesn't mind being held, and I can walk around with her. She also jumps right into my hands when it's time to go someplace. And anytime you walk by her cage, she's plastered right up against the cage bars looking for a scratch, a treat, or some petting.
So, here are pictures of Chibi's playtime!

A cute meerkat position

"Sooo pretty!"

Then one of me and her (don't mind me, I look like a dork!)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A new girl!

Just about a week ago I went to the National Chinchilla show in Auburn Indiana. Well, I tried so hard to fight the urge to add another chinchilla to my crew, but I just couldn't resist.
So... I ended up buying a little violet girl. She's a little over a year now and I've named her Keiki which goes along with my other girl's names. It is Hawaiian for baby and with my sister living in Hawaii for 4 years, I've come to love the culture.
So here she is!

And then snuggling with her newest buddy MuShu my mosaic (it was a long and stressful introduction for the two, introing chins is not easy but now they get along great)

So yes, now I have 5 chinchillas. And no, I'm not crazy. They make great pets!

And here's my store for chinchilla supplies if you haven't seen it before Camphor Chinchillas (http://www.CamphorChins.com)