Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We Love Etsy Wednesday

So this Wednesday I'm featuring a shop with no sales! That's right, it's a new Etsy shop, so please go check the shop out and help out with some sales if you can!

Look at this pug face! I absolutely LOVE pugs. I've loved them since I was little and knew that I wanted to get one. I did end up getting a pug, a little fawn girl, and I named her Princess. I got her I think it was 10 years ago. She went across the rainbow bridge about a year ago now and I miss having a pug around. Someday when I get a house Lila will get a pug friend.

So anyways, while searching pug things on Etsy I found this cute new shop. This shop has cute dog and cat prints in very vibrant colors. I love the look of them, it kind of reminds me of comic books or pop art and I love it! They are also super affordable! And, they're in Madison WI which is practically my neighbor! Well, it's 2 hours away but I love that they're in Wisconsin.

These would make a great gift for any pet lover, or would look great on anyone's wall, as they would add a pop of color!

The shop can be found at POPETS

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We Love Etsy Wednesday

Here is my next Etsy shop that I'm featuring. This shop is called Sew Melody and Melody makes very pretty things for mom and baby! If you're expecting or know someone who is, I really suggest you go check out her shop! Or, even if you don't know anyone who is expecting, you can buy one of her items and she will donate the blanket and the proceeds to the Cleveland Crisis Pregnancy Center.

I met Melody through one of my Etsy teams (CAST) and she's super nice, so please go support her shop!

Please go and check her shop out! It can be found at Sew Melody

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Amount Raised towards Sneak Attacks!

Here I will keep track for you all to see what we have raised towards sneak attacks through my shop and the shops that I have used that money towards their attack! This will also help the shops get further exposure as you can click on the link to their shop! Together we can all make someone's day :)

As of 4/30/09 amount raised:

Shops attacked:
Secret Lolita Kanzashi style hair clips
Kittredge Candles Candles including votives, jars, and novelty shapes

Sneak Attacks

Pretty much every Monday Wednesday and Friday there's a group of people on Etsy "attacking" a new Etsy shop. People might think this sounds horrible, but what we're actually doing is sneaking up on a shop and buying a bunch of things from them! I see it as a great way to help out new shops. Sometimes people are afraid to buy from a new shop and this way it helps new shops get a head start.
Want to learn more? Go to Handmade Movement and check it out!

We're working on getting a team made on Etsy for this. Would you like to help out with the Sneak Attacks but maybe aren't around to participate in the actual attack? Take a look around etsy and search for things tagged "SA support" These are items that people put in their shop that they've dedicated the money from that sale to go back and buy something from a shop during a Sneak Attack. So while you may not be buying something from the Attacked shop, you're helping us have money for the attacks while you get something from us!

Here is the link to search on Etsy for Sneak Attack support items

So one of the things I'm working on is putting some cheaper items in for people to buy to support the Sneak Attacks. Here's a sneak peek at some. I'm going to be adding some puppy bows for puppy's fur! A cute accessory that will be affordable too! And if you buy something that I've titled Sneak Attack Support Item, you can know that the money from that sale will go to buy something at the next sneak attack I'm present at.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Awww So Cute!

Aren't these two just so cute?! Mushu is on the left and Keiki is on the right. I wanted a picture of them together so had to lure them next to each other with a favorite treat (a small shredded wheat). I just think their fat little pose they're sitting in is the cutest thing ever!

Mmm ice cream!

Don't these look delicious?! Okay, well, to be honest, they're for dogs! I was a vendor at a local Pet Expo last weekend and one of the other vendors there was a pet bakery. And I just had to get some of these ice cream cones! They even smelled good to me!
I almost thought they were too cute to give the dogs, but I gave in and bought them some and they loved them! Lila was a little uncertain of the cone part, but she did eventually eat it.
If you want some of these (or they also make cupcakes!) you can find them online at Perfect Pet Gift Shop

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We Love Etsy Wednesday

It's another Wednesday, so another shop to feature!

I found this shop a while ago, and I know that I've seen their photos on the front page of Etsy, but just thought I'd feature them since I love the feel of their photos. I've got them in my favorites to buy some things for when I finally get my own place again.

I love the effects done on the photos! It's got such a nostalgic and enchanted feeling to it! I think they'd look great in a bedroom, or some of them a little girl's room.

Go check this shop out! It can be found at is photography

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How cute is this?!

I'm so excited. I just got these cute chinchilla pendants in the mail today! They are hand cut and are just so cute!
I'm selling them just as pendants so if you'd like one let me know, but I will be making them into some really cute handmade jewelry in the near future!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We Love Etsy Wednesday

Wow, I can't believe another week has gone by! This week has been crazy busy for me. I have a pet expo I'm selling at this Saturday so have been trying to make as much as possible. Not only that but I got a huge amount of orders in through my chinchilla site this weekend, so that takes up a bunch of time too..

But here we are at another Wednesday, so time to feature another Etsy artist!

I found this shop because I was searching for these Hens and Chicks plants. Although it may seem odd, these plants mean a lot to me. My grandmother, who passed away a couple of years ago now, used to have these growing all over the retaining wall outside her house. She once gave me a bunch to try and grow on my own, but being probably 12 at the time, they all died sadly. But these plants remind me of my grandmother so much! I spent so many days at her house and love to reminisce about the time there.

So if you like plants, have a look at this Etsy shop! These Hens and Chicks plant is only $6 making it really affordable! And they have other plants as well as photographs!

Her shop can be found here Two Dog Gardens