Sunday, May 31, 2009


So I have another potential wholesale or consignment opportunity. I'm a bit more excited about this because it's a local company. I have wholesaled before to a company in Chicago, but this one is only a couple miles from my house. It's a little grooming and boarding facility.

My grandma brought her basset hound mix into the place for a bath and the owner asked my grandma where Lydia (the dog) got her cute collar and leash set It's this set if you're interested Kawaii Skulls Collar which I find funny that my grandma bought that set for her dog. My grandma is in her 70's haha! But anyways, my grandma told her that I make them, and so the owner gave my grandma her card for me to call and talk about selling at her store.

So, all I have to do now is call her! Of course, I hate talking on the phone, but for my business, I think it's worth it. So hopefully it goes well! I prefer selling to the buyer, but I enjoy that stores want to sell my products, it just makes me feel good :)

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