Monday, January 12, 2009

All about Chinchillas

I realize that I haven't really posted much about my other store, Camphor Chinchillas. My store can be found at Camphor Chins I have toys and supplies, everything your chinchilla could want!

I'm not sure how many people reading have chinchillas, but they really make great pets. Not necessarily for small children, since they don't like to be held generally, and they tend to be more nocturnal. But, if you don't want a pet like a dog, they are great! My first chinchilla, Chibi, got me addicted to them. Here she is in all her Chibi glory

That is the face I always get when I go by their cages. She is always wanting attention and loves to be scratched on her chin and behind her ear. She is rare for a chin to want attention this much. My other girls love me, but not nearly as much as Chibi.

Chinchillas can actually live up to 20 years. I'm hoping that mine make it that long. But Chibi was actually born from two petstore chinchillas which makes her future uncertain. It'd be like breeding two dogs you got from the local pound. You have no idea of their background and whether or not they're likely to get a genetic defect. So she could get malocclusion which is abnormal growth of their teeth which can be genetic. I hope not, but it's always a possiblity when getting an animal from a petstore or a person who just breeds anything.

I can't talk about just Chibi though. Here are my other girls.
This is MuShu. She's a mosaic and is my second friendliest chin.

Then comes Mei, who is my oldest. I bought her from a large ranch that actually pelts their chinchillas. I don't necessarily agree with this, and felt like I was saving her life in some ways. She likes me, but tends not to like others as much.

Then my youngest, Kona, who is a black velvet. She is my most skittish and won't really come to people. She will take treats from me, but doesn't like to be held at all. She is a diva, and although she is half the size of her cagemate, Mei, she rules the cage! She steals treats and is always first in line for her twigs!

And then to leave the post, I will put one more picture of Chibi. Here she is enjoying her scratches! Isn't she the cutest thing?


Janet P. said...

I would love to get a chinchilla but my 3 year old would probably terrorize it! Yours are so cute and cute names too!

Unique Women In Business said...

Okay so they have to be the cutest things I have ever seen! My daughter asked if they were for sale, and is insisting that we are buying one!!! LOl

Inu Inspirations said...

thanks guys! Yeah, little kids would probably want to grab them, and many wouldn't like it. I can hold Chibi for a while, but she much prefers running around the room haha!
They don't bite though (unless they're super mean or something) so in that regards they're good for kids.
But if your kids were okay with mostly just watching them run around and hopping allover them, then they'd be okay! :)