Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sneak Attacks

Pretty much every Monday Wednesday and Friday there's a group of people on Etsy "attacking" a new Etsy shop. People might think this sounds horrible, but what we're actually doing is sneaking up on a shop and buying a bunch of things from them! I see it as a great way to help out new shops. Sometimes people are afraid to buy from a new shop and this way it helps new shops get a head start.
Want to learn more? Go to Handmade Movement and check it out!

We're working on getting a team made on Etsy for this. Would you like to help out with the Sneak Attacks but maybe aren't around to participate in the actual attack? Take a look around etsy and search for things tagged "SA support" These are items that people put in their shop that they've dedicated the money from that sale to go back and buy something from a shop during a Sneak Attack. So while you may not be buying something from the Attacked shop, you're helping us have money for the attacks while you get something from us!

Here is the link to search on Etsy for Sneak Attack support items

So one of the things I'm working on is putting some cheaper items in for people to buy to support the Sneak Attacks. Here's a sneak peek at some. I'm going to be adding some puppy bows for puppy's fur! A cute accessory that will be affordable too! And if you buy something that I've titled Sneak Attack Support Item, you can know that the money from that sale will go to buy something at the next sneak attack I'm present at.

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Joyce said...

Great idea! The team is shaping up!