Monday, May 18, 2009

I do too work!

You know what is so annoying to me? When people assume that because I'm self employed and work from home that I don't work! It's so rude for them to say things like that and it annoys me to no end! I've gotten comments from people like "So, still don't have a job huh?" or "Must be nice not having to go to work on Monday." etc. etc.

Sure, I don't put in the normal hours like some people do. But you can bet that I'm here working during the day. I cut fabric out, I sew fleece houses, sew collars and toys, drill wood toy parts, put wood toys together, and much more all in one day. It's not like I'm sitting at home watching tv!

But to prove a point, here's a couple pictures of what my day is like.
First is pictures of my working area. It's nothing too spectacular and is pretty messy right now!
First is where I store some things for my chinchilla site. I've got the lava items, water bottles, and various medical supplies in these bins

Then is my fleece storage

Then my work tables, sorry they're so messy right now! They're from IKEA and I store my wood toy parts in the far left, my flannel and cotton fabrics and webbing in the center and then misc craft supplies on the right.

Then my sewing machine area. Those hanging baskets above the sewing machine are awesome. They're from IKEA as well. And my lobster from Maine watches over my sewing :)

And then some pictures of finished work from today. Obviously not all I did, but just a couple snap shots.
A matching zebra print bed and house for a chinchilla

Then a matching leopard set of a fleece tube, corner house and cuddle buddy for a chinchilla

And finally, a bunch of flavored loofah drying. And yes, it's the loofah that you may use in the shower. But the kind I buy for the chinchillas is natural, unbleached, and then I flavor it with koolaid. The chins love it!

Hope you all enjoyed seeing a bit into my daily work!

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Sue Runyon said...

Love to see other people's studio spaces. Thanks!