Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm looking for a Safe House

I know that everyone likes to read about personal stuff every now and again, so just thought I'd share one of my favorite restaurants. If anyone is ever in Milwaukee WI, the SafeHouse is a must. It's a local restaurant that me and my sister discovered years ago. We first went there when she went to college by Milwaukee.

The basis of the restaurant and bar is that it's based on a spy safe house. You have to know a password to get in, and if you don't, they make you do something silly to get in. When you try to get into the restaurant, you enter into a place that looks like a weird old office with no door to get into the restaurant. So if you haven't been there before, it's a little confusing. But at night there is a person there to ask for the password. Don't worry if you don't know it. They'll just make you dance like a tapdancer, do the chicken dance, or do some other silly act. And just so you know, you're on camera! And everyone inside the restaurant can watch you do your act. It's really hilarious

The whole inside of the restaurant is decked out in spy theme and there are tons of little nooks and crannies to discover. To get out, you have to go through a telephone booth and enter a code. Truly a fun time! I recommend the burger, they're really good there.

So here are some pics from our most recent trip down to Milwaukee to vist the Safe House!

Me and my boyfriend

My sister and her husband

Me and my sister exiting through the tunnel

These pictures don't give a good idea of the uniqueness of this place, but it is so fun! If you're in the area, definitely go there for dinner.


veganessa said...

Fabulous idea, and good fun! I like it.

Noreen said...

Would it surprise you to learn your "antique aunt N" used to frequent "The Safehouse" in her 20's? Nice to see that some of the best Milwaukee has to offer hasn't changed - Same entrance & exit!